He always has the most cute smile after he scores a goal.

My favorite thing is for sure how much fun he has with the boys on his team!

This picture is after his first game of the season.  Half way through the game a pretty gnarly lighting storm started up.  It was bad enough and close enough that the game was called for safety.  Then before the players could leave the field it began hailing.  HUGE ping pong ball sized hail.  The boys thought it was funny until a few of them got hit in the face with it.  Then the hail turned into pouring rain.  As you can see... we got just a little wet!  And of course I could not pass up the photo opp for this memory!!!

With Grant being such the sports addict we were a little bit surprised when he was VERY enthusiastic about joining the Chess Club at his new school.  He has been playing Chess since he was under five years old.  He can beat me even when I am trying to win and he has beat Bryan a couple of times.  Since he wanted to do it so darn bad we figured we should let him.

The club is once a week after school.  The first day I came about ten minutes early to pick up so that I could watch him and see how it all went.

He won the game and apparently for the third time in a row.  He was a tad bit loud and in-your-face about said victories.  It was funny to me because it wasn’t the studious persona I assume you are supposed to have when playing Chess.  It was like the perfect mix of Grant’s competitive sports attitude brutally mashed together with Chess.

In other news on our little man (who I have little pictures of because A: he is too darn busy all the time and B: he just isn’t the HAM in our family) he is doing great and loving school.  Not really a big surprise because the two years before this year of school he loved and did great as well.  We are for sure hoping this is something that sticks with him.  We do “High & Low” on our drive home from school each day.  Most of the time his “Low” is: leaving school.  Crazy kid!  I’ve already been witness to the teachers at his new school LOVING him.  He is what I am now calling a teacher woo-er.  Not that he isn’t a good and sweet boy for us too, but lets be real... he is NOT for us what he is for these teachers!  Finally, this year, I am ready to give up the battle I’ve fought the past two years, of why aren’t you as good for us as you are for your teachers!?  It is, what it is... and I have decided to be thankful that he is so wonderful for his teachers, that he does love school, and that he does function so well (BETTER) outside our home then he does in it.

Lets see...

soccer, chess, school, and teacher woo-er.

I think that about sums Grant up these days!

Note to self: Take more pictures of Grant... no matter how hard it is.