Absolutely anyone and everyone who walks through our front door, she greets with not just a warm smile & hello,  but also with a hug. 

There is not one part of her that is shy, reserved, or quiet.

So, for now she is mama’s side kick.  Boy oh boy do we have fun together. 

  It’s hard to be around her and not be smiling.

She always wants to put on a show. 

Our kids are great and very easy about their 8pm bedtime. 

The only nights that Avery is not good with it, are the nights that we host groups of friends at our house.  If there are people over, no matter their age or context, Avery feels the need to be talking, singing, and dancing in the midst of it.

Sometimes it’s hard to discipline her because she is so darn funny.

Usually what she needs to be disciplined for, is being too silly,

getting carried away, or it happening at an inappropriate time. 

Most of these times, what she is doing or saying is actually so

funny that I can’t stop laughing long enough to teach her the lesson. 

Yes, I’m guilty of not being a perfect parent.


I have shared this here so many times since Avery’s birth three years ago... but I still look at her sometimes and thank God for unanswered prayers. 

He truly does have a greater plan than we do. 

I did not need a second little boy. 

Grant did not need a little brother. 

Bryan didn’t need another son. 

We all needed and love Avery more then we knew we would.

In the last few months since Grant has been back in school, Avery has really become great at playing alone.  Playing make believe anything and everything.  Some of the dialogues I hear her making up and things I see her pretending to

talk with are hilarious!  Her imagination is wild.  She has also started to

greatly enjoy puzzles, which reminds me of Grant.

In all honesty I have been pretty blown away at how “easy” she has been. 

I know, all the perfect parents say its bad to use the words “easy” and “difficult” when talking about your kids... just like comparing your kids is the tip-top worst parent crime you can ever commit.  Well, let me tell you.  Right now I have one going through a super easy phase and one going through a more difficult one.  The girl, who is stereotypically said to be the dramatic difficult one, is everything but that.  The boy, who is said to be the easy going, easy one,

is nothing like that right now either!  I’m sure in time it will all shift again and again.

This is Avery enjoying one of Grant’s soccer games.

Singing a song about eating her PB&J sandwich.

Avery is a perfect example of how easily your life can be turned into a musical.

I am really enjoying my time at home with her. 

I can’t believe she is three already.  

She comes up to me at least once a day to hug and kiss me

and says, “I love you.” 

I ask her if she is my friend.  She always says, “yes.” 

Sometimes she says, “I your best friend mama.”