We were so lucky that we got to go out TWICE on his birthday weekend.  His birthday was on a Sunday and I think we found out that he got the job earlier that week.  So we felt we had LOTS of happy stuff to celebrate.  So why not get two dates in one weekend?  First we went to a place called Bruery Provisions in the Orange Circle.  We enjoyed a couple of flights and a yummy cheese and meat platter.  Then finished the night with some frozen yogurt and a quiet talk in the plaza, while enjoying and being so thankful for the great city we live in.

Then on Bryan’s actual birthday we went to his favorite place to eat... Benihana.

When we picked the kids up from his parent’s house, his mom gave him a big box full of childhood paperwork, artwork, and lots of school memorabilia.  It was so fun to go through.  Among hundreds of great things that we read out loud and laughed about, we found this birthday crown.

We came to the conclusion that his head has grown just a tad bit since he turned seven.

We also found this cute picture that he drew for one of his two sisters.  According to the date he was five when he made this.  It is a Christmas Tree with a stack of presents... in case you were curious.

How sweet huh?

Totally something Grant would do (does do) for Avery.

Happy 31 babe!

I’ll catch up in a few more months so we can both

officially be in our thirties together. 

I am so thankful for you and everything you have done, are doing, and will do in the future to support, provide, and love our family. 

You are amazing.

I love you.

While on the topic of handmade goodies.

The kids really got into making daddy’s birthday cards this year.