We just love the Haas family.  They have four great little girlies and their two middle ones are the same age as Grant and Avery.  They all get along wonderfully and we love spending time with them.  Their parents are pretty great too.

We feel blessed to have them in our lives!

Emma & Avery

A few days before Halloween we carved pumpkins with the Haas family.  Neither of our kids had carved a pumpkin before... it was fun, slimy, but fun.

We got home from the carnival early... like 7:15.  Our street was covered in trick-or-treaters.  We never pass out candy and we didn’t have any to give out even if we wanted to... which I didn’t.  So the kids and I basically snuck into out own house, never turned on any lights, got into PJS, and we all hid in my room, in my bed, with the light off and watched a Veggie Tales movie on the computer.  Pretty funny.  Since Bryan worked that night there was plenty of room in our bed for the three of us to camp out together.