All three of us made a banner to hang up.

While they painted their banners I asked them to tell me reasons they are proud of their daddy.

In the morning when he got home from work this is what he saw as he walked into the back door.

Then I made us a yummy breakfast and off to church we went.  This past weekend at church happened to be Uganda awareness weekend... so Bryan was asked to speak about his experience in Uganda during announcements.  He did an amazing job... even after working all night and only taking a mini 1 hour nap before service.

While at church that morning a few separate people came up to us and told us about a story from the previous week in Grant’s class.  The theme of that weekend in children’s ministries was Celebration.  One of the teachers asked if anyone wanted to share something that had happened in the past month that they could celebrate.  We were told that Grant raised his hand and shared something along the lines of,

“God answered our prayers and made an opportunity for my dad to get a day job and that is going to be really good for our family.”

Of course this made Bryan and I cry.

Grant was so right.  It is going to be really good for our family and God did answer a huge prayer that we didn’t think was ever going to happen.

Kids seem to enjoy balloons once they fall to the ground more then when they are flying high.  I haven’t been able to throw them away because of how entertaining they’ve been!