All four awards for Grant’s class went to boys! 

The best of the five bad pictures we took after the assembly.  He wanted to hurry back to class and didn’t want to pose for a picture.

Excuse me as I brag some more.  When the principal was describing what each of the four awards represented Bryan and I had no idea which Grant would get, because truly, in school, he could easily get all four of the awards she described.  Then he did end up getting the one award that she described to be the “overall” or “all around” award.  We are so very proud of our little man who is just a great student and friend at school.

It is also the end of the Fall Soccer season.  Grant’s team had their end of season party and they each received a medal and trophy for participating on the team.  Grant had such a fun and great soccer season.

Or course there was lots of arcade fun at the party.  Ave and I played some dance dance revolution together and Ave got to help Daddy drive a boat in a fun video game.

Grant had tons of fun playing lots of games all by himself!

We love you and are always proud of you Bubba!