If anyone received a Christmas card from us with an oddly placed stamp, or crooked address label, please know that it was lovingly placed by one of these two helper elves.  Since I didn’t make hand made cards this year there wasn’t much for them to get to help with... so this was their fun job.

And there were a few of you who received cards that had a postage stamp placed over a “return to sender for postage” post office stamp.  Apparently Avery got a little ahead of herself and stuffed a few of them in the mail drop before they got a stamp on them.

You just have to love those little helping hands... even when things don’t go as planned.

Back to the decked halls...

A few years ago Starbucks had super amazing decorations... lots of yarn balls all over their stores and super cute wreaths.  I fell in love with them and was telling my mother-in-law(who happens to work at Starbucks) how great they were.  So, at the end of the season she was able to keep one of their wreaths for me!  I had to wait an entire year to be able to put it up... but I have enjoyed it for the past three Christmas seasons... and its perfect.  So perfect that I am not tempted at all to make my own look alike version. 

I proudly hang the Starbucks one.

Our first real tree... all decorated.  We are officially now part of the real tree for life club.

The tree skirt I made.

It was originally inspired by THIS from Pinterest, but as you can see I made it with only linen fabric and made it with less ruffles.  It took me about 3 1/2 yards of linen that I cut into 4 1/2 inch strips and then I hot glued them around and around an old felt tree skirt I had... you fold the pleats in as you go... LOTS of glue sticks are needed!

I made a set of these ornaments last Christmas... with the intention of making a set of six and then realizing they take forever and two was as many as I could finish.  They are made from many many paper rosettes which were made from music sheets and then hot glued to a styrofoam ball.  Very easy, yet time consuming craft.

One of many decorations that puts a BIG smile on my face each year as I unwrap it from the attic box, is this picture of my little snowman Grant, at about 9 months old.  Look at those cheeks he had!?  Perfectly adorable snowman. 

Another Christmas favorite of mine are my grandma’s knitted nativity set, Mr & Mrs Claus and the Christmas tree.  So precious, and oh so colorful.

The vintage coke Santa coasters remind me of my childhood.

I heard a great idea from a friend of mine today... she sets up her nativity scene but saves baby Jesus and waits until Christmas to put him in the manger.  Such a great idea... but since our nativities have already been out for a few weeks now, I may have to wait until next year to do that.

The Little People nativity and drummer boy sets so the kids can actually play with a nativity.

And we have the Nativity set from Uganda.

Our newest one was just given to us from friends who went to Israel and bought this there.

It is clear to me now that at some point over the past few years a nativity collection has formed.

Decorating the shelves and table tops is easy... I typically have several empty jars, vases, and such all over the place.  So, to turn them into Christmas decor I simply fill them full of all things Christmas.

I made this last year to hang on our fireplace mantel... but this year I hung it in our dining room over these two mirrors.  I like this spot better.

I simply added a red Christmas bow to make my paper wreath that hangs all year long a little festive during this time of year.

This frame that hangs in our dining room is usually filled with the kids’ art projects and latest crafts... but for now it holds our daily incoming Christmas cards that we love to receive, read, and look through.  Thank you for all your lovely cards!

Decorating our fireplace mantel and the mirror above it is one of my favorite spots but is also(due to the mirror) quite difficult.  I feel like the mirror’s HUGE size and reflection of everything in the entire room is very distracting to whatever I try and decorate it with.  But... this year I may have accomplished the task.

First, my wonderful husband re-did the hearth over the past week.  I am so so excited about it.  Something we have talked about doing for awhile but hadn’t decided what to do until now.  We are quite happy with it.

Nice, right!?

My husband always amazes me with all he can do.

Originally it was just boring red brick.  Then I got the crazed idea to paint it white, which was horrible.  Now, it is wonderful.

I made this yarn wrapped wreath a few days ago.

I also made this felt garland this week.

My plan was to incorporate the new wreath and the new garland with my collection of store bought and hand made trees that I decorated the mantel with last year.

This was my first go at it.

I wasn’t satisfied.

Then I moved the garland up on top of the mirror.

I like this better.  I always struggle with how to decorate along side this massive mirror.  This works for me.

That is it for this house’s decked halls.

For now that is.

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!