December 24th

Every year we spend Christmas Eve with Bryan’s family.  Bryan is one of four kids, who are all married, and we have six kids between us all... big crowd.  Always loud fun.

December 25th

This year Bryan had to work Christmas Day... so we opened all our gifts at home Christmas Eve night after finishing with his family.  Then on Christmas Day the kids and I stayed in PJs all day long.  We opened all their new toys, we played, and played, and played some more, we read the Christmas Story from a few of our various Bibles, I organized their room to fit all their new things, we relaxed, and we each drank at least two cups of hot cocoa.  It was a good day.

It was a wonderful few days with lots of family time enjoyed!

Our Christmas was nice and we are still enjoying lots of family time while both Grant AND Bryan have some time off from school!