We had a couple pre Thanksgiving celebrations.  One was a wonderful potluck with our small group that was a lot of fun this year... but I was having so much fun I took zero pictures.  The other was our annual faux Thanksgiving dinner we have with Bryan’s side of the family.  We usually do it the week before actual Thanksgiving.  This year was our year to host it and I decided to make tacos!  Yay... for Thanksgiving tacos.

Grant had A WHOLE WEEK off from school for Thanksgiving.  Avery LOVED having him home to play with all day.

Avery saw “2” baby giraffes

Grant apparently has ownership of a zebra

We met up with my mom one day during the school break and she took us to the San Diego Zoo.

Elephants are my favorite

You can’t tell me he’s not relaxed!

Avery was pretty attached to all the pretend baby animals

We ended the day with a stop at my grandma’s house... we can’t visit her place in Del Mar without a walk to the water... even when its freezing, which it was!

When it came to actual Thanksgiving this year we did something different.  We have always tagged along with someone else to their family Thanksgiving.  This year Bryan was off work and we decided to start our own tradition of dinner at our home.  So... I cooked my first turkey.  I had a little bit of a thawing issue.  But, all in all... it turned out yummy!  I didn’t make ALL the traditional sides since it was just the four of us... really more like 2 1/2 eaters.  I made a couple sides and for sure didn’t forget about making a pumpkin pie.  That’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving!

The kids’ favorite part of dinner was the Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider in fancy glasses.

The day after Thanksgiving...

We decided we were getting a REAL tree this year!  Yes, I have always had a fake tree.  I have always loved the ease of putting it together, lights all perfectly attached, no mess, and being able to hang ornaments in whatever specific way you wish to.  But, I did want to see what this whole real tree business was about.  We decided if we were going real we were going all out and doing the whole pick one out and cut it down ordeal!

we found our tree

We began decorating it that night... it took about a week to fully decorate.  The real trees are for sure more challenging in this area.  Oh, and the water!  Wow!  I fill the bucket up twice a day and it just doesn’t stop.  The real tree smell was wonderful, but it only lasted a few days.  Or maybe I just got used to it... but I don’t smell it anymore.  It is beautiful though and I love it more then our fake one.  I think we are officially a real tree household now.

All of our Christmas decorations are almost up.  I’ll share all of our decked halls when it’s finished and I snap some pictures of it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and Christmas is shaping up nicely in your home!

We have all been greatly enjoying all the new time we have with daddy since his work changes!  This was EVERYONE’S thankful share around our dinner table this year!