He looks way more nervous in this picture then he actually was.  You probably notice the lack of uniform compared to the pictures from his first day of Kinder last year?  Well, he is no longer at St. John’s Lutheran School.  He is now going to Chapman Hills Elementary School.  There is a very long story behind the change from St. John’s to Chapman Hills, from private to public, from expensive to free, but I’ll leave it alone for now.  I’m sure you’ll hear bits and pieces now and then on this blog or from me personally.  So far the change has been good.  We are more then happy with the school that he did get into.  There were only a few schools in the district that we were OK with transferring him to and this was one of them.  The school seems to have great academic programs and scores high on district and state testings.  Grant likes his teacher and has already made several friends.  He did so awesome with the transition.  I am so very thankful for that.  Never fought it or complained while it was approaching.  Never even seemed sad.  He was excited for the change and to meet new friends.  After his second day at Chapman Hills he asked me, “Mom can I go there for second grade too?  Can I go to Chapman Hills all the way until sixth grade? Please?”  I would have to say, so far, so good.  I’ll keep you posted. =D

I’m sure Grant was happy that all four of us were able to go as a family on his first day at this new school.  We didn’t manage a picture with Bryan though. =(

I am so thankful that Grant LOVES school.  I mean, he REALLY loves school.  So much so that he doesn’t really care for summer at all.  I can’t help but feel guilty when just two weeks into summer I am already wishing for school to start.  It’s not because I want to get rid of my little man... it’s because HE wants to go back to school.  He completely thrives in that environment.  He loves high structure, he loves to have a tight schedule and constantly be learning and have something assigned for him to do.  Unfortunately that is not how I run our home.  I have tried, and I fail over and over.  So, luckily he gets this at school and he is great at school.  So far he has not had a teacher that didn’t fall in love with him as a student.  I am more then thankful for this.  I am not sure this will be the same situation when Avery starts school... actually I am pretty confident it won’t be the same.  But, I won’t worry about that until the time comes.

While Grant has been at school Avery has really enjoyed playing on her own.  This was a relief.  She doesn’t ever play on her own... she’s never really had to.  So I was nervous how she’d do with Grant back at school.  I am happy to say that she spends hours playing doll house, barbies and making up songs and dances.  She was singing in her room while playing for about 40 minutes before I finally thought to record this....

The two of us have also gone on a couple coffee dates since Grant has been back in school.  It is nice to get some one on one time with each of the kids now and then.  I have taken Grant to Cherry on Top a couple of times alone after school too.  Shhhh... don’t tell Avery and daddy that though!

This may seem silly but I am so excited about something else that has happened... Avery will FINALLY eat a PB&J sandwich!  For those who don’t know this, Avery doesn’t eat.  She survives on milk and the occasional string cheese, yogurt tube and ZBar.  So I am very happy she’ll finally eat an all American kid favorite!