A few months before Avery’s birthday she assured me that the theme for her third birthday party would be princess... nothing else, but princess.  I didn’t love the idea of making it all about Disney so I tried to go with the general idea of princess.

I had some fun making it pretty.

I made crowns for all the girls at the party and then set up a craft table for them to create wands and jewelry.

I tried to come up with something theme related for the boys.  I made them a gladiator/jousting ring and bought lots of foam swords and such.  Well, looking back now I feel so dumb.  This area was quickly deleted from the party because of course the boys took it a little too realistically and almost fought to the death a few times.  YIKES!  How and why I didn’t see that coming is beyond me.  Live and learn.

waiting for her royal cupcake to be brought to her

It was quite cute to watch her sing herself “Happy Birthday”

she clearly loved her cupcake

Lots of fun opening gifts.  She received her first ever barbies,  lots of pretty princess items, a few adorable outfits, and many other great gifts.  She was spoiled... one of the reasons we only have these big parties every other year... we don’t have the space to keep up!

Knowing I’d fail at getting every kid to smile, or look, or even be in the picture at the same time... I still tried.

The smallest princess at the party... couldn’t leave this adorable one out!

Also can’t leave out a picture of the proud King and Queen of the day.