I’m pretty sure she felt kinda special when they pulled her up in front and sang Happy Birthday to her in front of everyone!

Enjoying the rest of the show.

In case you are curious about this awesome band and want to know when you could see them play live or buy some of their music then you should check out their Facebook page and become a fan of it!

How many bands do you know that don’t just offer free face painting... but free MUSTACHE painting!?  Avery couldn’t pass it up.  Mommy, Daddy and Grant, on the other hand weren’t so adventurous...

Avery received this Justin Bieber mic for her birthday... she kinda likes it.  The funny thing is that it came with all this crazy Bieber paraphernalia... she has NO idea who Justin Beiber is or what he looks like.  She just knows his song “Baby” from the radio and loves it.  I’m OK with this!  I’d way rather her just like the song.  So if anyone wants the window cling, pen, autograph book and picture with frame that all came with the mic... let me know. ;)

This song was one of her out of the blue jams from yesterday.  She came out with a pair of Grant’s shades on and began singing a song that I am calling “Rock N Roll Time”... if you listen closely you hear her say it a couple of times.