We bought a dog biscuit mix at Target in the 70% Christmas sale.  You just add water, mix, roll, cut bone shapes, and bake them.  And carve in doggy name initials if you are like us.  Avery had a ton of fun with it.

She even made a batch for our friend’s dog.

It’s that time of year again...

Getting ready for baseball.  Grant had tryouts this past Saturday.  He did really great and we are looking forward to a great season... hoping to be on a team that plays, as Grant calls it, “real baseball”... meaning they keep score, kid pitching, true innings, and what not.  We shall see.

I just can’t get enough of her and time is flying by faster and faster.  She is getting so big. This time is precious to me.

And just when you think she’s all pink and girly girl...

she turns into a “super hero fighter... who is getting all the bad guys”

or you find that she has (on her own) set up Grant’s entire army man set and is having a blast playing with it... by herself.

About a week before Grant went on winter break from school he had already surpassed the amount of points needed to make the “Wall Of Fame” at his school.  Basically... for his grade he MUST earn 15 points a quarter for his language arts grade.  Then if he earns 30 points(I think) he makes it onto the Wall Of Fame for the quarter.  He is currently at 62 for this quarter.  I am so happy he enjoys reading so much!  It also helps that he is very competitive.

Wednesday nights are great!

The kids LOVE going to Awana Club and Bryan and I LOVE date night.

Our Pizookie dessert from tonight’s date night... yuuummmmmmyyy!

One of the highlights of my day was treating myself to these beauties!

I cut a decent amount of fabric daily.  And lately it’s been a lot of felt.  Felt is so so hard on scissors... so you could easily assume the amount of scissors I go through.  I sat down earlier today to get another Valentine Garland made for my Etsy shop and I couldn’t even handle the way my scissors cut.  So I got up and drove to JoAnns to buy the best scissors they had(with my 50% coupon in hand of course).  So far, I am in love with them...
we shall see how their sharpness holds up.

I hope everyone else’s week has gotten off to a good start,

that the transition from school break back into school went smoothly,

and that the first 11 days of this New Year has gone well for you.