wrapping in yarn as I did

with this giant 24” letter, also bought at JoAnn.

I love the “J” but when I wrapped the “G” it looked horrible.  I’m not sure if it’s because it is smaller or has more bends and corners... but I did not like it.  So these letters have sat for months.  I was trying to think of something else to cover them in.  I really LOVE the idea of covering them in all sizes and colors of buttons, but that would only be cute for Avery’s.  Then I thought about covering Grant’s letter in a bunch of Bryan’s old baseball cards. 

There is really no end to the choices you have in covering letters.  I wanted to stay away from yarn and from the normal paper wrap because they already have these (below) in their room. 

I made those when I was pregnant with Avery.

I wanted whatever I used to tell something about them.  What they like, what they do, who they are.

Then I decided on photos from birth until present.

Many of you know just how many pictures I take of these cute kiddos... so I knew I would have the resources for it.

First I chose pictures of Grant from birth until present that I loved.  I turned them all into black and white pictures.

I printed them on normal computer paper.  I had a feeling that photo paper would be too stiff and hard to bend around the letter edges.  As I printed them I went through the pictures on the computer and chose which ones I wanted big and close up and which ones would be good as smaller prints.  I ended up printing six 5x7s, twenty 3x5s, and fourteen 2x3s.  I had a total of 40 prints to work with.  I ended up with four extras in the end and that was good because they don’t all end up fitting in the spots you need.  So it is good to have extra choices toward the end.  If you were doing a BIG 24” letter, like my yarn wrapped one, you could easily use some 8x10s too.

Once they were all printed I cut them out.  Keep your straight edge cutter close because you will need to trim more off once you start attaching them to the letter.

Here is what you will need.

Oh, and that straight edge cutter I just said to keep close, but apparently didn’t picture.

Figure out your most favorite pictures of the bunch.  Start with those... on the front.

I would take the picture and place it where I was thinking it may work well.

If I liked that spot I would brush a thin layer of Mod Podge down.  You need enough to make it stick but if you made it too thick you are going to have all sorts of wrinkles and bubbles in the picture... so keep it thin.

Press and rub the photo onto the glued area... gently rub out any wrinkles or bubbles that you find.  Then begin to crease the photo over the letter’s edges.

Once you can see all the creases you can decide which crease to cut so you can make a fold.  I only did this with the pictures that were on a 90 degree corner.

Once it is all creased, cut, and glued down on all sides it will look something like this.

I did the rounded edges differently.

I wouldn’t cut.  I would just crease and then as neatly as possible glue, fold, and wrap the photo around the round corner.

Once you have the corners of the top done you can begin to fit pictures for all the available spots.

This is when you will start needing to trim the pictures to fit in the area you want.

I would trim it down so that it will fit nice in-between the other pictures but will still wrap around the letter’s edges.

Once the top is done you can move onto ALL the sides.

The inside edges were almost impossible to photograph while I was doing them.  I am sorry for the shadows.  It is basically the same process except you ONLY want it to bend around to the BACK edge of the letter.  So you need to choose your pictures more carefully and trim them down so that they fit nicely, show what you want, and only bend around to the back side of the letter.

Only two of these four pictures left would have worked for this final spot.  I chose one, trimmed off what I didn’t need, what wouldn’t fit, and then did the whole glue, press, crease and bend process for this final picture.

Lastly, you need to brush one thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire thing.

Here are some finished pictures of it the next morning

when it was dry and I had some natural light to take pictures in.

I still need to make Avery’s.

And I’m tempted to do the button covered version for her

but in keeping things equal I suppose she should get a photo covered one too.

Happy crafting to you!