It all started with this one that I made for our Christmas decor.

Then I made this Valentine one to go along with the tutorial post.

I made a couple other Valentine ones as well because even when you show someone how to make something and promise that it is easy... lots of people for lots of great reasons would just rather buy it then make it.

I was happily surprised that those two sold very quickly.

So then I made this one too.

I was excited that again, another one sold.

So, then I decided to list the one I had originally made for the tutorial.

As of now, it is still for sale in my etsy shop.

Once I realized that these little felt garlands were doing good in my etsy shop, I started dreaming up all the other non Valentine garlands I could create.

This was the first one I made post Valentine garlands.

I personally loved the idea of mixing mustaches and bow ties for a little man theme but I wasn’t sure how it would go over.  I mean, I know mustaches are all the rage... but I wasn’t sure how that would be received as part of a garland!?

Again, I was happily surprised... It sold fast.

So, today I made this one and just listed it about an hour ago.

I wasn’t expecting these to do so well... but I am more then happy that they are!

I will for sure be working on more new themes.  There really is no limit to what I could do with them.  As with most of my handmade creations I am happy to do my best at making custom pieces.  So... if you have a specific theme for a party, shower, holiday or room decor please let me know and I’ll see about making it for you. 

You can email custom orders to