I can totally remember several years ago going through my mother-in-law’s house with my sister-in-law and “de-doily-ing” her house.  We thought we were doing her a great favor at the time.  At that time they just seemed like outdated, dust collecting, pieces of clutter to me.  And while I still wouldn’t put them on every single flat surface in  my home or under every lamp and vase in the house as most of our grandmother’s did... I do now see a beauty in them.  When I first pinned that picture I liked the possibility of the softness and texture that these sewn together doilies could add to my home.  My home for the most part is decorated quite simply and can even feel a tad bit cold in some areas.  My dining room is one of those areas.  So I decided to change that, and to turn this pinned inspiration into reality for my home.  I didn’t have a stash of doilies laying around so I visited a couple local thrift stores and one of my favorite antique malls in our local downtown area.  I ended up with this little collection.

Yes, I know these are very different from what you see in the picture from Pinterest.

I liked the idea of what she had done... but I wanted color and the doilies I ended up with were mainly big ones... so I worked with what I had found, as I am not one to patiently spend time collecting for a project like this.

A tutorial is in no way necessary for this project. 

Obviously you just need some doilies, needle, thread, and scissors.

The majority of the time was spent laying our the pattern...

and then starting all over... about five times.

I tried really hard to let it be random.

I lost that battle though and went with a structured pattern.

Just how I like things to be.

Once I had it the way I wanted it... all that was left was obviously stitching it in as many areas that you can to make it secure.

As you can see my dining room would be very bare without this new addition.  Especially when my kids’ art board is lacking in fullness as it currently is at this moment.

I love the texture, softness and color it adds to this room.

Such an easy way to change the look and feel in a room.

So... here I change from Made it Monday to Tuesday’s Tutorial... and this wasn’t even a true tutorial.  This should have been a Made it Monday.

I’m still working on this whole weekly post and what it should be called and about.  Maybe we will alternate between things I made that are easy enough to just share pictures to inspire you and things that truly need a tutorial to make them.  While I waste time over-thinking that... you should go doily shopping.  I’m thinking about what I will do with my left overs that didn’t make it into this table runner.

In my appreciation of a doily’s beauty I want to show you how cute

these clutches are that my friend has made and is selling in her Etsy store.

She has some other super adorable clutches too...

but this doily project made me think about her doily clutches.