Our left handed batter.

This is the only thing he does left handed...

but he does it quite well so we leave him be.

He loves to slide.

This is my favorite picture of the few I’ve actually taken lately.

This little girl loves her big brother somethin’ real special.

And so... it starts.

We are about to live, sleep, and dream baseball for the next few months. 

A few afternoons ago Grant asked Bryan to play catch and Bryan said no, not right now, because he needed to get some homework done.  Grant did his usual disappointed pout as if it had been weeks since Bryan had last played catch with him, when in reality it had probably been earlier that day or maybe the day before.  I quickly found myself giving him a pep-talk, which halfway through I realized was more to straighten me out, then for Grant.  I told him of all the many things Bryan has on his plate right now, and that all those things he has going on are for us, his family.  In one way or another everything Bryan is working on, for, or towards is for the good of this family.  I told Grant that he is doing the best job he can do, to be the best daddy that he can.  I explained that we need to be as grateful as we can, and try our hardest to not act mad or selfish when we might need to wait our turn, for things like playing catch.  It was a great little pep-talk I gave, but Grant checked out halfway through... probably because he understood it right away.  I truly think it was a little chat meant for me, myself, and I... who can, at times, be the three most demanding people in this family.

So, my hope is that I stay focused on what a fun time our family is having instead of stressing and complaining over how busy we are.

I have many favorite things about this little girl lately. 

She is just in a place, or at a stage, or maybe I’m just in a place of being able to see and appreciate what a joy she is.  One of my most favorite things about her personality is her ability to dress up like a fancy princess and then play with Grant’s action figures while all dressed up.

As much as I am loving the stage that she is in... I am also going through that thing that I assume most or maybe even that all moms go through.  That moment when you realize you have said you were done having more babies, but now your “baby” isn’t a baby anymore and the reality has hit: That’s it, it’s over, and boy did it go by so fast!

I think that is the part I struggle with the most... how fast it has gone by.  Having another baby wouldn’t fix that though... so I keep telling myself.  No matter how many babies you have the time will probably just go faster in reality.  For now, all I have taken from this, is to try and slow down as often as I can and to hug, squeeze and enjoy my time with them.

I took this picture at Grant’s school one morning at drop off.  We got there early so we hung out in the library for a little while.  Of course Grant went and grabbed a book to read.  He really wanted to read to Avery but she was clearly too busy people watching.

*Yes, Grant had a really hurt eye in this picture.  This was his first day back to school after missing two days because of the world’s worst black eye.  It happened while him and Bryan were practicing baseball at the park.  He basically caught a hit ball with his eye instead of his glove.  It was bad, really bad.  Luckily he loves the game enough that it didn’t scare him and all he wanted to do was get back out and play again.

My little man is turning SEVEN in a few weeks.

I can’t believe it.  Talk about time going too fast!  SEVEN?!

We bought him this net/tent for practicing throwing and hitting for his birthday present... but since baseball is all he wants to do right now,

we gave him his present early. 

Avery and I were in the kitchen and saw Bryan and Grant setting it up

so Avery ran outside and said, “Happy Birthday Grant!” 

It was pretty funny.

You probably don’t remember TWO Halloweens ago when Grant won a goldfish in a carnival game?  Well, Goldey the goldfish, who we have had for two years and three months FINALLY died.  I think his long life was a miracle in itself.  But, it was a little bit of a sad thing for Grant.  I had asked him if he wanted to flush him or burry him.  First he asked, “Will he be bad for the flowers?”  When I told him no, he chose to bury him.  Bryan and Grant buried Goldey and then Bryan showed me that Grant left him a note on top of his grave.  It reads, “I Love You Goldey.”

That is my sweet boy.  I love him.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us...

full of birthday parties, baby showers, baseball, church, and more. 

Here’s to my first test at enjoying the fun and not stressing over the busy schedule!

Wish me luck!