After several coats it looked great.

I don’t have the art of spray paint down.  I have friends that can spray paint entire pieces of furniture and they look ridiculously amazing... not me.  I struggle with a tiny frame.

I have a rather tall stack of frames to still paint for the MOPS craft this Thursday. 

For the insert you want to use a paper you like.  I used scrap book paper, but tried to keep it somewhat masculine looking, since they are supposed to be for our husbands. 

I also found that the more simple the pattern the better. 

Paper with black on it or too much of a dark color or busy pattern will not work.

I played on my computer for awhile to figure out exactly what fonts, size, style and placement I wanted the words “I love you because...” to be.  This is what I ended up with for the 5x7 version.  The 4x6 is the same except a tiny bit smaller.

I was tempted to call this finished.

You have no idea (or maybe you do) how much I like simple.

Also, I kept reminding myself to keep it masculine.  The ones on Pinterest have flowers all over them... and although flowers are cute, and many MOPS mommas may choose to add them to theirs, I didn’t want to.

You will need a dry erase marker.

You won’t need a giant pile like this unless you too, are buying for a large group of crafty people!  Fine tip is probably the best choice and I found that any brand or type of dry erase marker worked great.  I read somewhere that you would need a specific wet erase kind... but that’s not true and good thing, because those ones are more pricey!

Here comes the Love Language affirming part of the craft...

This is the place that each day, or maybe even multiple times a day

you can tell your hubs why you love him.

Did he wake up early with the baby, did he take care of carpool,

make you breakfast, start coffee, or maybe did he vacuum like mine did today!?

Oh... those little things.  How much we love each other for all those wonderful little things.

As much as I LOVE simple... this needed something.

Plus I know the MOPS mommas will want to bedazzle their frames in one way or another so I needed to come up with some examples.  I took some neutral buttons from my collection and created a decorative, yet simple, heart in the lower corner.

It’s still simple, right?

I decided to put it on our desk in our bedroom. 

He sits there almost everyday... some days for many hours

writing papers and logging in online college class hours and what not. 

This is the least I can do to affirm my hard working husband...

a daily love note to tell him why I love him.

I hope you enjoyed this idea!