Like this one!

The first one I made was a couple of months ago for Christmas.

I decided that I loved it so much I just had to make more.

They are easy.

You can make them for any occasion or for no occasion at all.

Here’s what you need.



-sewing machine

-coordinating thread

These are the stacks of felt squares I started with.

I  decided to make one for Valentine’s Day so I went with pinks and red and decided to go with hearts.

I’m sure this is common knowledge... but to make a heart with equal sides I just fold the felt piece in half and cut from there.

please do not judge my un-manicured hands

This is what comes out... cute.

Once I was done cutting I ended up with lots of different sizes and shapes of hearts and a few red arrows.

Once you have everything cut you will begin sewing them together.

You just feed one shape in right after the next.

After a few it will look like this.

Eventually you will have a whole trail feeding out the backside of your machine.

Here it is all finished.

The typical place to hang it would be my mantel but at the time I made this I still had my Christmas decorations up on the mantel.

Then I moved it over to the frame where I hang my kids’ artwork, which isn’t usually empty like this.

CUTE and EASY, right!?

If for one reason or another you want one but don’t feel like making it yourself, I am now carrying these in my Etsy shop.

I’m starting off with Valentines garland and will soon

be adding more... other holidays and occasions.