I made this 12” yarn wrapped wreath for this past Christmas.  I did not time myself while I made it but I do remember it taking a good amount of time.  So, when I decided to do yarn wreaths for MOPS I knew we’d have to go smaller.

I thought I’d try a 10” one and time myself to figure out how long it really takes.

I used yarn that I had left over from our yarn wrapped “J” that is in our living room.

I set my timer and started to wrap.

and wrap

and wrapped some more

I took a break here and paused my timer at about 20 minutes.  It was time to go to my son’s class Valentine’s Party.

When I got back home I resumed and so did my timer.

So close.

My timer ended at about 43 minutes.

But that included me taking all these pictures and I may have read a text message or two while working.  I think it is fair to say it takes 40 minutes to wrap a 10” foam wreath with one tight layer.

I wanted to decorate it a little... and make it my spring is on it’s way wreath. Yay!

I needed to fight my urge to just add a bunch of aqua, teal and turquoise to it.

I had already used my favorite mustard yarn.

I wasn’t in the mood to make flowers so I went to my extras box.

The place I store, well, extras... the ones not used... the ones I made too many of.

I pulled out all of these.  Score.

But I wanted more color.  I was trying to be more Spring-y.

So I went to my buttons box.

Oh I love vintage buttons.

I cut off the pearls and sewed the buttons on instead.

I ended up with a bit of a rainbow theme.

I grouped them up in a way that suited me and hot glued them down.

Lots of option for hanging it... a simple piece of the yarn it was made with, a ribbon, none at all, or fabric... I went with a 1” wide strip of coordinating fabric.

There she is... until I dropped her.

I was hanging it... it fell to the floor(our concrete floor) and it broke in half.

I didn’t think to take a picture... I was probably crying.

With some quick thinking, two tooth picks, hot glue and an additional flower(at the bottom with the blue button) I was able to fix it.

We will see if this is too time consuming for the MOPS gals or not.

We may make a mini-one and go with a 6” wreath instead.

Maybe I should buy one and give it a try too. 

I do enjoy the necessity of doing trial runs and samples

for all these MOPS crafts.