This little man changed my life.

He has become so much more than I would have even

known to hope for seven years ago.

I am pretty sure I had no idea that it was possible for a

little boy to be so full of love and compassion.

Grant has taught me that it most certainly IS possible,

he has even taught me how to be more

loving and compassionate myself.

I did have hopes of him being smart like his daddy...

and boy oh boy did that hope come to be reality.

I just sit back and shake my head most of the time

when he quite literally blows my mind.

I found him kicking back reading an encyclopedia this morning.

This is NOT a joke.

Although I am VERY proud of how smart he is,

what a great athlete he is, and of his new talent with drawing...

I am still more amazed and more touched by his beautiful heart.

Grant is a boy who brings home his Valentine candy from school and without being asked, told, or hinted at.... decides to split it in half and give it to his sister because he said, “Well she doesn’t go to school, or get a party like I had, so she can have half of mine.”

A boy who found a sand dollar at the beach a few days before his birthday and said, “This is the best birthday present ever!”

A boy who takes being a big brother seriously.

Always looking out for his sister.

He has been a total joy for seven years and I look forward

to watching him grow and become a wonderful man one day.

For now I will try and remember to make time to soak it all up...

all the fun, the silliness, the smiles...

his caring prayers, his desire to help and to learn...

his dislike for kisses but his love for snuggles...

his love for Avery, his nurturing personality...

the true pain in his eyes when he sees someone sad or hurting...

his ability to join in with any group of kids and make friends...

I could go on. and on. and on.

I am just beyond grateful that this bundle of joy

was given to me to be a mama to.

I will continue to do my best but I still feel

that each day he teaches me more than I teach him.

Bubba- I love you more than you can understand.

I know this is true because I actually love

you even more than I can understand.

You are so special and such a gift to our family

that it actually makes me cry tears of joy because I am just

so thankful for you and the seven year old boy you have become.

My biggest hope and prayer for you is that you always follow your heart.  God gave you such a loving heart and such a smart brain. 

I pray that you always try your hardest to follow the things that you feel and know to be good.  You will mess up and you will learn.

And I will be here to be your mama through all of it.

I could write and write for hours and fill up pages,

but I still won’t be able to accomplish being able to describe

all my love for you, how proud I am, or how wonderful you are.

Just know that I love you exactly the way you are.

Happy 7th Birthday

to you!