A few days before his birthday we had a pre-celebration in Del Mar.  My mom and grandma decided to have a little mini party for him.  Plus he is always up for a beach day!

I’m not sure Avery will ever realize how lucky she has been with Grant as her big brother.

Grant found THREE whole sand dollars at the beach that day and was so excited about it!

My grandpa and grandma Wyckoff.

Aren’t they cute!?

After the beach we went back to grandma’s house for presents and cupcakes. Yay!

Shoes?!!!  I don’t want shoes!

Tricky grandma Linda wrapped a box inside a box.  As soon as he saw the smaller one inside he knew it was the DS game he was hoping for!

Thank You grandma Linda, great-grandma Tiny and great-grandpa Richard for celebrating early with me!  I felt very special.  Love, Grant

For his birthday party this year he was very sure about having a bowling party.  I was surprised but it sounded fun so we went with it.  He is at that age where you can’t just go with what you as a parent want for their party theme, venue, and what-not.  Like with the desert... when he said NO CUPCAKES, that all he wanted was homemade chocolate chip cookies... I just had to make his birthday wish come true.

Grant had a good pick... bowling parties are FUN!

His birthday landed on a school day.  As much as I wanted to let him stay home... his birthday was on a Tuesday that followed a FOUR-DAY weekend.  Plus he actually wanted to go to school.  This is true.  His teacher allows the birthday kid to bring in a special snack for the class on their birthday.  Grant chose, you guessed it, homemade chocolate chip cookies.  So, yes, I made more.

After school he had baseball practice... another thing that he seriously loves so I’m sure it only made his birthday even better.

We let him choose where we would eat his birthday dinner that night...

and he chose Ruby’s.  We have one here in Orange at the train station in Old Town.

We invited BaBa and PaPa (aka grandma Janet and grandpa Sandy).  Uncle Adam and Aunt Jessica were a bonus surprise when we got there.  Thank you all for coming!

For his birthday he got lots of new Lego sets.

Or he received generous Target gift cards which he either has already,

or will soon be buying more Lego sets with.

This boy is Lego crazed... much like his daddy was is.

One thing I decided to do for his birthday was rearrange the kids’ bedroom

to create him his own Lego building area. 

So we removed Avery’s bed from under his loft bed and are in the process

of transforming under his loft bed into a Lego station.

As you can see above... Avery can now sleep(upside down backwards)

peacefully while Grant builds away.

All in all our little man had several great celebrations during the week he turned seven. 

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate him in one way or another! 

He felt very loved this year and he had a blast!