Like the morning I came out of the kitchen with Avery’s cereal and she had apparently invited a couple friends to breakfast.

Or the divine moment on a special day when Avery finally decided to not be stubborn anymore and try to write her name.

I think she did pretty good.

My Wednesday mornings.

I spend a few hours at Grant’s school helping stuff folders, organize Math packets,

and help with the Excel program.

Many mornings... I do NOT want to go and do this.

Then I realize how much they need the help, how much Grant loves to see me there at his school, and how blessed I am to be a stay at home mom who is able to do this!

An at home date night.

Oh how I wish we had an endless amount of free babysitters just waiting around for us.

Reality is... some nights you put the kids to sleep and you do not allow the TV,

computer or phone to interrupt your drinks, desert and conversation.

A clean work space is the only way I can get work done.

Some work days begin with me spending an hour cleaning first.

Got to LOVE when my mom comes to visit and instead she ends up weeding my planter and getting Avery to help her... while I get some sewing projects done!

Now that is an amazing moment and deserves a picture!

Our back house needed a new water heater and all new plumbing...

Not fun.  Not expected.  Not cheap.

How great that it came at the same time our tax return did.  How great that my husband is so handy and that he has an equally handy dad that did the whole job in two days!

And how great that we have this extra little house as a rental in the first place!

Grant’s 2nd quarter report card was great.  His grades were all as high as can be but my favorite part was his teacher’s comments.

Proud of this boy.

I only hope that he saved a few of the good student genes for Avery.

Silly moments with my kiddos.

fancy cupcakes

outings with cousins

getting creative

this girl

She brings me joy that I can’t totally explain yet.

Lately it makes me cry when I see baby pictures of her and I’m not sure why.

She is so full of natural, un-edited, real true joy

that it is totally contagious... and I love that contagiousness in our family.

Monday mornings after taking Grant to school Avery and I have a little time together before meeting with our Moms In Prayer group.

Sometimes we spend it chatting over a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate.

Grant recently reached his 100th day of 1st grade!

I know I’ve been sharing these recent beach pictures in many of my recent posts.

But, I really do just love them that much.

We didn’t expect to find a lady bug at the beach.

It has been 3 1/2 years since Avery joined our family...

and they still get along well 98% of the time.

And I pray often that it stays this way.

Baseball picture day.

Coach Bryan... aka Daddy... trying to arrange boys by height.

Of course mine is one of the silly boys down in front.

Avery likes to sit on my lap while we swing together.

She thinks it is fun to go high.

I think it is fun to feel her little legs and feet wrap around mine.

One of the few odd, but also fun things about going to church at your old high school is when the service is over your daughter and many of the other little girls dance on the same stage you used to dance on when you were a student there.

silly girls.

So many moments to be thankful for.

They are like many little gifts to get you through your otherwise hectic day.