At first glance I liked this a lot.

Clean, simple and organized looking.

Then I began thinking of all the ways it could fall apart

and as I read over comments and reviews, that did seem to be the

ongoing theme.  They are lego bricks that have been glued to a board.

I decided to go with a magnet version of this instead.  I came up with that

because we already had some magnetic Lego People

stands that we bought a few years ago at the Lego Store. 

I figured I could just add a magnet to some Lego bricks and viola.

I decided to go with white 2x4 bricks.  I gave them all a little wash.  Most of these came from the stash of Legos that my son inherited from his daddy.  So... some of these had 25+ year old sticky prints on them. 

I started with 50.  Mainly because the pack of magnets came in 50, but also because I thought that would be plenty.  Later I discovered my son’s collection

was a tad bit larger than I remembered.

These magnets are strong and just a tiny bit larger then the side of the Lego so they work well for the project.  I went with Krazy Glue because I knew hot glue would just pop off every time one hit the ground.  Many of these have already been dropped and the Krazy Glue is working great!

The other great thing about this glue(had a brush applicator)

was it was quick and easy and dried fast!

Avery’s job was as I finished each brick she would run it into

their bedroom and place it on the magnet board.

And please believe me when I say she dropped each of them at

least once and not one of the magnets popped off.

This is when I realized that the 50 white ones I made + the 6 grey ones he already had were not even enough to get his complete collection of Star Wars Legos taken care of.  So, I will be headed back to Michaels for two

more 50 packs of magnets... and back to Ikea for another magnet board, or two!?

I am happy with the turn out though.

I can see how it will keep them up off of his Lego building workspace.  They are all in one central viewpoint so they are easy to find and reach.  The magnets make them easily removable and rearrangeable... which this mom likes.

I will try and post some more shared bedroom and Lego

organizational ideas as we accomplish them.