Opening Day for Orange Little League was two Saturday’s ago.

Grant is a AA Padre this year.

I was a little nervous going in, having a barely seven year old play at this level.  Despite being the “little guy” on the team, he has held his own and is doing great.  We are having a good time and meeting lots of wonderful baseball families.

This was me trying to take a picture of all the players during opening ceremonies.

Clearly, Avery is proud to be a Padre!

So many reasons for a little girl to love a baseball game.

His smile makes his love for the game quite obvious.

The real reason why Avery loves to go to Grant’s baseball games...

this cute boy that she has fallen for.

Lucky for Avery,

we are also friends with this family outside of baseball,

so they have been seeing a lot of each other.

I love these shots I captured of them playing in a field blowing dandelion wishes together.

They are pretty darn cute, right!?

I finally signed Avery back up for gymnastics.

She is enjoying it.  It is a higher level then she did a year ago and she is the youngest in her group.  She has only been two times and is already frustrated that she isn’t as good as the others in her class.  Yikes!

I didn’t think she was going to take it so seriously.

This is my very sweet grandpa. 

We call him Pap.  That is what my dad always called him, and it stuck.

His wife, who had been my step-grandma for my entire life, passed away a few weeks ago.  They had been married for forty-five years and were best friends.

It has been very hard on him and tough for me to watch.

We’ve been doing our best to keep him company and all that good stuff, but I know all to well, there is no cure for his loss.  But we will do our best by loving him.

Grant doesn’t just love to play baseball.  He truly loves everything about it.  We have MLBtv and he chooses this instead of cartoons in the morning.

FINALLY his top front tooth came out!

He has been working on this one for over a month.  Bryan and I had both tried daily to yank it out.  Finally Grant got it to come out.

It makes for quite a large hole in his smile.

Our ridiculously non practical bathroom sink broke.

Praise God!

This was for sure the worst thing I ever picked out for our home.

Kids have never been able to figure it out, or even reach it.

Kids have pretty much always washed hands and brushed teeth using the bath tub.

And this is our ONLY bathroom... so having one non-kid usable sink made for stressful mornings.

We got rid of the single nightmare of a sink and replaced it with this amazing double sink with so much storage!  The mornings have been so much better!

And the storage has made for a much more asthetically pleasing bathroom.

The real reason I share this whole sink thing is

because it lead to a project: a better and more cute way to store my jewelry.

This area of the bathroom used to be home to all of our not-so-pretty bathroom necessities

before having the new sink full of storage for all that stuff.  So now this area can just be for

nicely folded towels and my newly organized jewelry.

I just took a frame.  Wrapped the back of it with a fabric I liked.  Wrapped twine for earrings and put some nails for necklaces and bracelets.  Very simple project that has made me quite happy.

Since we are on topic of projects that bring me happiness...

we have officially began this year’s garden.

My mom and I spent a couple of hours taring down last year’s garden

or what was left of it (weeds) and are in the midst of planning the new one.

While we spend a few more weeks prepping the back yard I thought that the kids

could have some by fun starting our seeds in our little indoor seed starters.

The kids and I went to visit Pap last week. 

He wasn’t home but the kids wanted to play.

I love these two kids.

They bring me so much joy.

This makes me smile.

I am so thankful for these two and even more thankful

that I am able to be there for moments like this with them.

Now, here are some recent creations over

on the business part of the past couple of weeks.

One thing I am really appreciating about my own business is being

in control of how often I work.  For the past few weeks I have stuck to custom orders only and have not added anything to the Hope Chest and very little to Etsy.

This won’t last forever, but the option is nice when I need the break!

custom crown for a little boy’s 3rd birthday party

someone saw the above crown on my facebook page and wanted the same

for her son’s 3rd birthday party... plus a custom garland.

st. patty’s day wasn’t as big of a hit with the garlands as valentines was,

but they were still pretty popular.

In the next couple of days Easter garlands will be available.

custom headband order.  i hadn’t made the felt and lace flat

headbands in awhile... i forgot how cute they are.

someone sent me a text with a picture of girls wearing headbands with teeny tiny bows on them and asked if i could make her some... so i did.

this is my trial one on Avery.

That is all I have for our updates around these parts.

I hope all is well with everyone who may be checking in on us.

xo Andrea