with heading to the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa.

This was the third Easter we have started with this amazing Easter service.

This year the entire thing from start to finish was amazing.

They only have children’s ministry for birth to kindergarten.  So, this year Grant had to go to the “big service” with us.  Being totally honest, I wasn’t looking forward to that.  I figured he’d be bored, distracted, or worse, distractING.

As it turns out, one of my most favorite things from the Easter service was Grant being there.  He loved the worship and sang along with every single song.  He listened to the message and was super excited to watch baptisms.

It was awesome.

After church we went back to our house.

It was our turn to host Easter.

We enjoyed lots of family time.

The joy of lots and lots of cousins!

and of course we hid eggs

and sent the kids out to search for them

It was a wonderful and fun day.

oh and very sweet too.

and maybe a little silly.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful, fun, sweet, or silly time too.