I’m not going to lie.

My kids played a pretty decent amount of video games during Spring break.  And, while I feel a tad bit guilty about that... I also feel the need to defend myself, from myself.  During the school week Grant plays at most, two hours total spread over the whole school week.  There is just no time for it.  Even on a normal weekend he plays very little because of all the activities we have going on.

So, yes, during Spring break there were a few days where I let him have a free for all with the wii... and Avery quickly fell victim to the addiction of gaming.

On the warmer days we made sure to get a little wet.

While trying failing to teach Grant how to tie a water balloon I discovered why it is such a good thing I never became a teacher.  The level of patience I have with something like this, is pathetic.

Lets just say, I gave up.

As much as Avery loved having Grant home and they played great together... she made sure to sneak away now and then to tend to her many  babies and their many needs.

Not being at school for two weeks made Grant go through some handball withdrawals... so I made sure to get a few games in with him.  He beat me every time.  They have come up with so many crazy new rules since I was a kid.

All the extra brother playtime made her so tired she actually napped several of the days!  This is just crazy for her.

My cute snugglers.

My favorite thing about no school is the relaxed feeling of our mornings.  It is true bliss to not rush in the morning.

We invited three of Grant’s friends from his baseball team over one night for a camp out in our backyard. 

We had the families over for a BBQ, s’mores, and then the boys ended the night with video games and sleeping in a tent.

Oh the pink boots.

Avery found these hand-me-downs from her cousin and never wants to take them off.  They are a couple sizes too big but she doesn’t care.

my bubble shooting cowgirl

For the very last day of Spring break the kids and I headed to the Spectrum right after church.  We started the adventure out with going on the Big Wheel.

We let Grant pick the lunch spot.

Luckily it was also a favorite spot for Avery and me.

It was a fun day of eating, shopping, and spending time together.

Then, sadly, the next morning it was back to waking up early, rushing through the morning and dealing with the world’s most unstructured school drop off line.

It was fun while it lasted though.

Bring on Summer!