This first week we have done a good amount of gardening .

We made several mini succulent potted gardens.   We revamped a flower bed

in our middle yard.  

And sadly we have discovered that the seeds we started a few weeks ago for our veggie garden are not sprouting as they should be.  So, re -planting those is on our list for next week!

One of my favorite activities so far was the day or two of Spring cleaning!

No, that is NOT a joke.

We cleaned the windows, the laundry room, my craft area, and more.

It makes me smile and Avery was a big help.  Grant actually  opted out of this day and had a play date at a friend’s house.  

For sure a day he’d rather not be home.

We hosted a Seder dinner at our house.

This was the fourth year of us hosting a group Seder.  Each year it has grown.

This year we counted 76 adults.  There was over a dozen kids running around too.

It is a tradition that we love to share with wonderful people.

And apparently the amount of wonderful people in our life keeps growing.

God is clearly amazing!

I think my Spring cleaning inspired Avery.

She has been emptying out her doll house and re-decorating at least once a day.

Love this girl.

We have ALL been loving the luxury of sleep.

Sleeping in.

Waking up when we want.


Staying in pajamas until we want.

Not being strict about bedtime.

It has all been wonderful and these are things worth celebrating.

Avery has LOVED having Grant home.

They have enjoyed eating their breakfast and lunches together.  Telling secrets... too cute.

We have had the biggest stash of chalk for... forEVER!

Chalk seems to be one of those things that the kids always get in gift bags, as prizes, favors, Easter basket filler, summer parties, etc.  Our stock pile of chalk has been growing forever and has gone untouched.

Well, Avery discovered it and she can not get enough of it.

We have a lot of concrete... way more then the average... and she has still managed to

cover all of it.

My mom drove up from San Diego to visit a couple days before Easter.

She had baskets from her and my grandma for the kids

and of course we let them go ahead and open them before Easter.

I wanted to make sure to send my mom home with plenty of avocados.

Our tree has a ridiculous amount this year.

At close to $2 each in most stores I can’t help but feel guilty if all of mine don’t go to good use!

I totally climbed this tree thinking the ones at the top were bigger.

They only look bigger until you are up there close to them, then you realize they are the same size as the ones you can reach from the nice solid and safe ground.

One of the more adventurous things we did this first week was going to our first Angel game of the season.  Our first of the 21 games we bought tickets for.

Very exciting for this baseball loving family.

It was  a day game on a HOT Spring day.

I am more then happy to say that this is the one and only day game we chose for our 21 games.

I am starting to realize all the ways I have rubbed off on her...

re-decorating, cleaning, photographing everything...

We had a great first week.

Looking forward to an even better second week and realizing this is just an appetizer to the summer  vacation that is soon arriving!  YAY!